Mevlana Sugar starts with mixing a liter of water with sugar. With the burning of the gold in the mixing vessel, it is poured into the cooler bath from the mixer with boiling up to 145 degrees. This sugar is flowing into the cooler for 10-15 minutes. While the sugar is in the form of a mat, it is discarded to be processed into the machine we know as relief. The sugar removed from the machine after a certain rotation rate is given to the molding machine for shaping. Our machine that passes through the mold machine and takes the desired shape from the cooling band is called as rotary which must be cooled from the cooling band. The sugar, which is processed and cooled in a certain degree, is taken to our exhibitions and wetted with a certain amount of water. As long as this sugar is formulated with water, a certain heating rate occurs within 1 hour. 1 day is held in the exhibition. When the following exhibitions are opened, Mevlana Sugar becomes packaged. It comes thanks to the soft consistency kıv