How it is Made - Turkish Delight

 Turkish delight

In general, enterprises, a path he followed in making candy. First, the sugar dissolved in water up to the boiling tank is placed, is heated with stirring. In the meantime, in another container an amount of citric acid is dissolved in water. The rest of the starch suspended in water to be used is made. Then the mixture is mixed with starch suspension of participating in a solution of sugar and acid and boiled.

The mass reaches a certain consistency (whether the boiler cooled sample a little more than two fingers between my fingers stuck to the sample does not grow when the fingers are rolling in, one that retains its shape when the fingers) Remove from heat and rest for starchy water is stored in wooden trays trays dökülür.12-24 hours. Then the mixture is poured, coconut or powdered sugar and starch, on the marble benches, cut to desired size and packed with powdered sugar or bulanarak Indian walnuts.

Delight the main raw materials used in industry:
»Corn starch
»Color and odoriferous substances and others.
Turkish Delight the most important raw material is sugar.

As a result of R & D efforts in the use of corn syrup products produced in the throat during swallowing, heartburn, decreased endurance time and cut a few pieces after losing the desire to eat people, because there is only refined sugar products, our company proposes to use.


Starch at the beginning of the factors that may affect the quality of the construction process and will delight. Starch heated in water, gelatinization has occurred.Turkish Delight is the most important quality attributes, texture, surface brightness and transparency, provided the occurrence of complete gelatinization. Ambient water, acid and sugar affect the amount of starch jelatinizasyonunu. The other type of starch used is an important factor. In other words, the starch of corn, wheat, rice, etc.. At the end of a natural or modified starch gelatinization to different species and affects the quality of the gel.

Starch, acid modified starch suitable for Turkish Delight. Because the same amount of natural starches, water, temperature, mixing with the acid-modified starches than the tissue is hard and dull. In addition to the natural starch gelatinization more water is required. Accordingly, undesirable product consists of opaque and rough texture. In addition, in terms of its suitability for acid-modified starch, natural starch by thermal treatment is superior.

All products, whether you prefer cornstarch Lokumları Bee brand, uses.


Believed to affect the quality of raw materials after sugar producers Delight One of the most important is water. Lokum to improve water quality, especially lime, high lime content it destroys the structure of water. In addition, the level of the water entering the formula affects the quality of delight, as much water is cooked lokum building a brighter, otherwise matlaştığı delight, however, known to lower the consumption date. Because the water level is closely related to starch gelatinization. Hardness of water is also eliminated because of an adverse effect on the quality of water they use, be treated.

As will be mentioned later in the boiler and pressure on the amount of acid to be added to different cooking methods. Lower levels compared to open vessel cooking pressure cooking acid are added. Because the pressure is faster cooking than the inversion of sugar in the open baking, and therefore decreases the amount of acid is needed as a catalyst.

Color, odor and other substances:

A wide variety of colors and fragrances, dried fruits are used. Majority of them from abroad, provided artificial colors and fragrances. Delight in this group participated in the formula ingredients are completely determined by the demand of customers.

Natural or nature identical aroma of food, and all of our products are used in paint.

Delight construction phases of technology

»Preparation of Sugar syrup
»Starch Addition of milk
»Cooking (1.5 - 2.5 hours)
»Casting and molding
The addition of starch milk

That before the melting of the sugar used in the construction Delight easily with water to prepare a syrup.
Then formulated into a separate container the remainder of the water is mixed with the starch. In practice, this mixture, "starch milk" is called. Involved in starch syrup to boil the milk.
At this stage of baking, the inversion of sugar acid, is added to the mixture.


Cooking method is applied in two flavors. These methods open the boiler and pressure cooking.
Outdoor cooking in a cauldron; max 125 OC in the cooking process is executed at 2 to 2.5 hours.
If pressure cooking, cooking time will be reduced to economic levels can be accepted. In this method, the cooking is completed in a short time such as 30 minutes. In addition, less water for cooking pressure, less acid and acid-modified starch is used. Copper boilers with a capacity of approximately 30-40 liters are used for cooking. However, some businesses used steam jacketed boilers.

Casting and molding:

The baked delight, molds after the required additives (pans) are dumped.Typically used the wooden molds. According to the type and format of the cutting patterns change with delight.


Delight after casting, is left to cool for 24 hours.


The cold mass of delight by taking the wooden molds, cutting tables transferred.Powdered sugar or coconut is placed on the bench. There are cut-off method in two ways: one hand to cut it with the other machine.
Hand cutting knives are used in different ways. Regardless of the type used in hand cutting blade three steps. These processes in width, height, and finally to reduce by half the thickness of the cutting iron.


Chock full of the cut by placing the desired size and weight boxes, shipped to the warehouse sales.
Lokum Quality

Lokum to mind is usually known for quality appearance, flavor, texture, comes to mind as the criteria.
Icing sugar on the request of the most important quality in appearance to the delight dryness continuous protection. Lokumcu by the 'have not eaten sugar powder' as the criterion to be considered as an important quality.
Turkish Delight hardness of the tooth is easily cut off, losing the shape of the spreading, shallow cracks on the absence of delight, delight, and typical cross-section is taken to be transparent appearance to show the color of the subjective criteria such as major criteria.